craigslist composite poem 1

It was yesterday (Sunday afternoon)
long curly brown hair with a black biker jacket
you could be the one I'm trying to reach
you said you are going to school
they should have taught you better critical thinking skills
Are you online and frustrated
someplace I don't normally see you
I miss getting those emails
hopefully we can go from there
looking at each other


Nobody respects the spirit of the method anymore
they prefer the letter of the law

it's a cardinal sin to ask leading questions of the data
to run rivers of your own desires like fingers through it that shift sand and carve stone
until finally,
all rivers become,
in their describing,
your creation
a series of blood vessels that empty only into bruises but that can be forced to live

We are all after the next gulp of air
I am piecing myself together with stiches and patches,
whatever’s handy
Not everyone is so clever with scissors and electricity: I’m a little bit more broken for the rest of my life, but still I work

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